New Zealand will supply troops against ISIS as part of the club…



by peter petterson

So NZ is expected to supply troops against ISIS as part of the international club and the ‘family’, according to PM John Key. Really?

NZ troops will go to Iraq to train local troops to fight the Islamic State. A final decision will be made by the cabinet at the end of the month, though a figure of 100 has been suggested. It should be remembered that the former Clark Labour Government refused to send combat troops to Iraq because that war was not sanctioned by the United Nations. We sent engineers, drivers, medics and other non-combat troops. And ‘weapons of mass destruction’, the reason for the second Iraq war  were never found. I would agree that only non-combat troops be sent to Iraq again. Of course, the NZ SAS won’t be involved either? Some say they have been involved since last year in ways they are expert at and trained for. Two hundred Australian SAS troops have reportedly  been  in training for some time as well.

Many New Zealanders have expressed their opinion that the UK is assuming New Zealand will send troops despite not being asked. The NZ Government claims it is not under any pressure to join the fight. Yeah right!

Other New Zealanders claim that the UK should not assume and expect nothing from New Zealand when remembering the UK’s decision to join the Common Market in Europe in the 1960’s to the detriment of New Zealand’s exports; something that proved most difficult for our exporters for some  time.

It is to be hoped that the Key Government gives this matter some intense consideration as there may well be ramifications for New Zealand and New Zealanders in the future.




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